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TATAS had started the rental business since 1986 for the first time this kind of business had been in Egypt and always following up the new and highly advanced products.

TATAS is a large enterprise that was born since 1980, growing rapidly with very large fixed steps towards the gateway of success,Thanks God.

TATAS's strength include a range of successful market, various products and enthusiastic team of high experience to cover the industry's largest client needs.

Our world-class equipment ensures the perfect achievement of your goals.

Our company is focusing on two main directions:

System Solutions: Finding the best solutions to renovate the already existing system with the newest techonology to achieve the perfect goals.

System Integration: The combination among different systems with various devices to integrate together and work in harmony.

Following these phrases you will discover that TATAS conquered the technological world. Video Projectors: with wide variety enable you choosing the bright optic projector that best meets your needs.

Secure your bank, mall, villas, whatever with our Closed Circuit TV from Panasonic, pure image with high electronic sensitivity.

For the theatre, conferences, hall, hospitals, hotels, TATAS presents Professional Audio equipment from: Teak, phillips, Marantz, Inter-M.

For the meeting halls, confernces hall, cinema,theatre TATAS presents Figueras International Seat comply with all the international safety standard.

For studios, TV, Universities TATAS presents the DVCPRO products, with high quality, heavy duty.

The Language Laboratory from Panasonic for the universities, scientific conferences, high educational institute.

TATAS is one of the rare companies licensed for their service center from Matsushita / Japan & the Ministry of Industry of Egypt.

TATAS is the sole agent of more than 30 international companies among them:
 Panasonic, Ramsa, LibecAudioTechnica, Telecast, Teak (Japan)
Interkom (Germany).
Cammate, Draper, AntonBauer, Canopus. (USA)
Cosmolight, Cimex, Proel (Italy).
Elid (Malisiya).
Figueras (Spain).
Winsted, Gigawave, Pac, Snell & Wilcox, Toshiba Video Wall, Mood Light, Fiber Option, Zandar (U.K).
Phillips (Holland).
Network (Norway).
AverMedia (Taiwan).
Vega (China).
NEC (France).
Crestron (Belgium).
Extron (Netherland).
Service Before & after sale:

Enjoy experiment trying any of our products in our showrooms, ready to give you answers for every detail by illustration demo.

Don't ever be worry, TATAS has maintenance service center located in down town. Daily connection with Japan and other manufacturers, either by E-Mail or Fax for delivering spare parts of our products+ back up systems.

High expert technicians ready to install any product anywhere.
Perfect guarantee of our products.
Capable to undertake your project from A to Z.



94 employees.
Engineering departments, secretaries, marketing Dept., Financial Dept., Computer & information Dept., Guest relation Dept., Integration System Dept.

High experience, full-day connection with the Internet.
Training courses for any new programs, private lessons in the head office.
Good relationship creates warm environment with good reputation.

Eng Ahmad Hassan
Graduated from the faculty of Engineering in 1963.
40 years experience in Telecommunications.
My Mission:
Introducing new technology to my country.
More Education for every member of my company.
Make my TATAS an international company.
Live in safe with all people and with myself.