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A Built-in Digital Tuner (with Pro:Idiom®) for Easy TV Installation

A built-in digital tuner with Pro:Idiom compatibility provides strong support for both PPV (Pay-per-View) and FTG (Free-to-Guest) premium HD content.

Pro:Idiom is a registered trademark of the Zenith Electronics Corp.

A Built-in Digital Tuner (with Pro:Idiom®) for Easy TV Installation

A Built-in Terminal Adaptor for Easy TV Installation

The LodgeNet PPV terminal adaptor (b-LAN™) is built into the TV to save space, and installation is further simplified because there are no cables to connect other than the coax feed. The LRU30 Series is also compatible with other PPV systems via an integrated MTI port.

b-LAN is a trademark of LodgeNet Interactive Corp.


Cost-cutting Efficiency Even in Smaller Hotels

When LRU30 displays are installed in smaller hotels, Pro:Idiom authentication and channel mapping can be done locally using an SD card.

Local Authentication
SD card allows display to receive Pro:Idiom encrypted content.
Easy Channel Re-Mapping
Channel maps can be updated from data on SD card.


Easy Installation for Greater Work Efficiency

The LRU30 Series features a built-in TV tuner with pro:idiom and is compatible with major PPV systems. A terminal adapter is included, eliminating connection and making installation simpler as there is no need for an additional set-top box.Cloning is also simple with the use of an SD card, allowing transfer of all settings to many units without individual set up. The hospitality series is designed for easy connection to extended devices, while existing devices can be quickly linked via the RS-232C interface. Other systems can also be added by digital connection.


Easy installation with a built-in terminal adaptor
Connectivity to external system supported
(AMX, Crestron)
Easy cloning with the SD card slot
Display Messages with the SD Card Slot

A JPEG image saved onto an SD card can be copied for display when the TV is turned on. Great for displaying welcome messages and announcements.



A Swivel Stand with a Security Swivel Mount

The swivel stand allows the display to be rotated 90° to the left or right to match the viewing angle of the guest. Stops at 30° and 60° can be easily inserted as needed to avoid contact with walls. The pedestal stand can also be secured into place with security screws (bit included) to reduce the risk of theft.

When installing, the base and table of the pedestal are secured by special screws. In addition to reducing the risk of theft, the display also remains stable when swiveled.


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