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*1: An optional 3D IR Transmitter and 3D Eyewear are required for viewing 3D images.

Faithful Color Reproduction with the High-Performance Professional-Grade Engine

The professional-grade engine features 10-bit processing with YUV 4:4:4 for each channel.
By faithfully reproducing all of the color and luminance signals output by image sources, it produces smooth, vibrant colors across the entire screen.
Bi-level Drive Technology* Smoothly Displays Dark Areas

Improving the luminous efficiency of the panel has achieved steady illumination even with a small electrical discharge. By reducing the minimum unit of brightness per flash by 1/2 compared to previous panels, this makes it possible to display finer gradation steps. Smoother tonal expression is gained in dark areas thanks to a total of 12,288 steps, twice the number of our conventional models (compared with the PF20 Series).

* Valid for Cinema mode and Monitor mode.

The Wide Color Gamut Panel Reproduces Colors That Professional Applications Demand

The BT300 Series offers superb images with stunning colors for displaying materials in all their natural beauty. Six modes are provided, including the color gamut modes for broadcasting and post-production use including (SMPTE-C/EBU/BT.709) and Digital Cinema Color and Native. Custom mode allows you to set the hue for each RGB color while viewing a simplified chroma diagram.

Superb Moving Picture Resolution

The BT300 Series provides a motion-image performance that is 1.5 times*1 that of conventional models. The Full-HD moving picture resolution speed index is 1,200 pps*2 (1,080 lines of moving picture resolution*3). This treats viewers to steady, blur-free, fast-moving images such as sports scenes and action films.
*1: Comparing previous models (the PF20 Series) in the same-size.
*2: This is a new motion-image performance index that was announced by the Advanced PDP Display Development Center Corporation (APDC) on January 27, 2011, as an advanced version of the conventional moving-picture resolution index. It expresses the ability to display motion images in Full-HD resolution based on the speed at which an image moves (the number of pixels that move per second).
*3: According to the method for measuring moving-picture resolution to indicate motion-image display performance that was developed by the Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation (APDC). With Moving Picture Resolution turned ON.
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