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This Professional-grade engine faithfully reproduces vividly colorful images

The professional specifications of this imaging engine increase the signal processing level for each pixel from the conventional 20 bits to 30 bits. All of the chrominance and brightness signals from the image source retain their natural beauty, for stunningly smooth, corner-to-corner color reproduction.

Bi-level drive technology* smoothly displays dark areas

Improving the luminous efficiency of the panel has achieved steady illumination even with a small electrical discharge. By reducing the minimum unit of brightness per flash by 1/2 compared to previous panels, this makes it possible to display finer gradation steps. Smoother tonal expression is gained in dark areas thanks to a total of 12,288 steps, twice the number of our conventional models (compared with the VX100 Series).

* Valid for Cinema mode and Monitor mode.

High moving picture resolution clearly displays fast action


Phosphor improvements have boosted the motion display performance approximately 1.5 times* over conventional models, making images such as those in sports scenes and action movies crisp and clear.

* Compared with previous VX100 Series models of the same size.


Clear 3D images with virtually no double images


Pursuit of even faster panel response in VX300 Series plasma displays led to phosphor improvements and original lighting controls that deliver clear 3D images with virtually no double images (crosstalk). This creates 3D images that are so realistic, it almost feels like you are standing in the middle of the scene.

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